Purchasing the Mechanics of Composites Collection


A single user license for the complete collection is $2000. The price includes:
·    Download or CD of all packages, notebooks, and help files
·    Printed version of help files
·    Email support for one year
·    All updates and expansions for one year
After one year, continued updates and support can be purchased for $500/year.
Mathematica can also be bundled with the collection. Contact MSC for pricing details for the Mathematica bundle and site licenses.

Price with Training

Training at the user facility is $4,000 per day, plus travel expenses for one instructor plus $2000 per student. This price includes a full standard software license for each student.    There is no additional charge for students that have previously purchased a license. The instructors are senior MSC engineers will applications experience.
The Mathematica licenses can be bundled with the training. Contact MSC for pricing details.

Introductory License

If the full package is too big a step, you can explore the principles of Materials Minds by using just the lamination theory package.  The Introductory license provides the lamination theory code, along with associated help files. The cost is $400 per user license. The license includes 60 days of email support. A Mathematica license is also required.

Source Code

The packages (source code) for the collection will be encrypted. Notebooks (example files and help) are completely open. This means you can use all of the packages, but you will not be able to view the source.  A license for the unencrypted source can be purchased for $6000. This license will allow you modify the packages. A modified package can be used by anyone at a user site that has an existing standard license.

For Free

The Materials Minds software powers our web-based calculators at http://math.materials-sciences.com. These pages are provided as a free service by Materials Sciences LLC.

For More Information

Please write us at software@materials-sciences.com. We can customize a pricing proposal for your situation. MSC can also write custom packages and notebooks to fit particular applications and user needs.

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