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The Materials Minds Philosophy

Engineers are smart people that want the building blocks and tools to get a job done. Their tasks require creativity. Therefore, it is impossible to anticipate all of their needs in a rigid point-and-click environment. The engineering work-flow is more like a language. The engineer needs to be able to manipulate nouns and verbs to get the precise results needed. Our goal is to provide a rich language for performing analyses and design using advanced composite materials. Imagine a building block approach in which the output from one operation feeds naturally into the next operation. Integrating user extensions should be natural; not requiring specialized programming skills.

There is a rich history in elasticity of heterogeneous, anisotropic materials. Take full advantage of that history. There is no need to default to an approximate numerical method when an analytic solution exists. Use the computer to handle complex solutions and make it practical to have the classic solutions available for everyday use. Don't make any unnecessary approximations. Keep the solutions as general as possible.

Take advantage of the best possible programming and mathematical environment. Our codes are built using the world-class Mathematica system by Wolfram Research. Wolfram has already made sophisticated numerical algorithms, graphics, and symbolic manipulation available.

Build a system that continually grows. Build a community of users. Make the tools that the experts at Materials Sciences LLC use available to everyone.

If you have questions, or are ready to start using Material Minds, please contact us at software@materials-sciences. com

Who are we?

Material Minds is a brand name for commercial software developed by Materials Sciences LLC (MSC). MSC is a leader in structural engineering with composite materials, with an emphasis on computer simulation and analyses. It is a goal of MSC to make portions of our valuable proprietary software available to the public. The name Material Minds is used to distinguish the commercial side of our software technology, and the special care and attention required to support these products.

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