Topic Areas Covered in Current Release

Mechanics of Composites


A full set of effective property calculations for particulate reinforced, and fiber reinforced composites. Phase average stress and strain output. Consistent handling of thermal stresses. Example

Lamination Theory

Stiffness arrays with full generality. Layer-by-layer stress and strain including thermal effects. Effective transverse shear stiffness, and shear stress distribution. Carpet plots of elastic properties. Failure envelopes. Example

2D Weaves

General methodology for calculating effective properties of any 2D weave pattern. Integrations account for yarn undulation pattern. Phase average stress output. Proper handling of thermal stress. Example

Elasticity Solutions

Elasticity Solution for Circular Hole

A rich implementation of the Lekhnitskii anisotropic elasticity solution for a hole in an infinite plate. Stress can be evaluated at any point. Far-field loads, assumed bolt loading, or user defined edge pressure distribution. Moment distribution around hole due to far-field bending. Example

Multilayer Elasticity

Elasticity solution for anisotropic layers. Assumes a trigonometric distribution of displacements in the inplane directions. Governing equations solved in thickness direction.

Multilayer Curved Beam

Elasticity solution for a multilayer beam with orthotropic layers.Capable of handling net moment,radial,and tangential loads.Thermal stress components included. Example

Free-Edge Stress

Stress-function based series solution for the free-edge stresses of a laminate. Example

Free-Edge Fracture

Compliance change method for determining total strain-energy-release-rate for a laminate with an edge delamination.

Strain to Displacement

Use Mathematica’s symbolic integration capability to determine displacement distribution from a compatible strain distribution.

Section Properties

Exact Section Properties

Calculated all of the standard 2D section properties such as area and moments of inertia for a section defined as a collection of curves. Uses Mathematica’s exact integration technology. Output can be symbolic. Example

Laminated Section Properties

Simple modulus-weighted section property calculator that assumes each laminated element of a collection as a rectangular section with arbitrary orientation and position relative to an origin.

Anisotropic Plates

Rectangular Plates

Numerical solution for thick (shear-deformable) rectangular plates with any combination of classical edge boundary conditions. Can compute deflection with pressure loading (including nonuniform distributions of pressure), buckling loads, and vibration frequency. Uses a Legendre polynomial based series solution. Example

Large Deflection

Deflection of a simply supported rectangular plate with first order large deflection terms. Includes the ability to compare small deflection, large deflection, and membrane assumptions. Shear deformable plate theory.

Annulus on Elastic Foundation

Exact solution for annular plate on an elastic foundation. Useful for determining clamp-up loads, and other local loads in sandwich construction. Also includes a non-axisymmetric loading version.



Basic MIL-17 calculation method for determining the B-Basis of a single set of data.

Random Variables

General methodology allows any input to any model to be declared as a random variable. Effective of random variable can be propagated through the model using approximate closed-form methods, or Monte-Carlo simulation. Distributions for output variables can be plotted, or automatically summarized using assumed distributions. Example


Bolted Joints

Collection includes the “Splice” package that performs a bolted joint analysis for joint assemblies that may have several layers of plates, and several bolts. The bolt is treated as a beam-on-an-elastic-foundation. The overall joint load distribution is computed based on a calculation of the bolt stiffness at each penetration. Contact and heel-toe action is treated using a nonlinear solution algorithm. Example

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