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A Fiber Reinforced Composite Technology for Vibration Reduction in High Performance Applications

The Countervail® Concept

The Problem:
  • High levels of vibration damping typically are achieved by adding parasitic mass or material layers, which results in compliant or soft products; a problem for high performance applications.
The Concept:
  • Countervail® is an innovative composite material system that combines traditional vibration damping layer concepts and a patented fiber preform. Unparalleled vibration damping is derived from the fiber preform itself, where the fiber pattern maximizes the vibrational energy dissipation by a viscoelastic damping layer.
The Result:
  • Vibration damping performance shown to be (2x or more) better than similar constructions using traditional vibration damping layers. Lay-ups can be tailored to balance stiffness, strength and damping to meet nearly any performance need.

Countervail® enables an optimal balance of vibration damping, stiffness, and weight.


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